Therapies we use


Acupuncture is excellent for correcting imbalances, unblocking the pathways for the energy to flow freely, regulating the nerves, strengthening and tonifying sluggish organs and sedating overactive organs. 

Romel Cordeiro, expert in treating chronic pain.
Romel Cordeiro

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is also based on regulating and balancing the energetic system through manual movements applied to various areas on the fascia that covers the muscles. It is a very gentle yet powerfully effective for many types of painful conditions and it has a holistic affect on the whole body. 

Manual Therapy

Helps to relieve muscle spasms, increase circulation and reduce tension and we usually use this at the beginning of the treatment. We have developed our manual therapy techniques based on moderate to serious back and spinal problems and injuries and manual therapy techniques contribute to the overall treatment without causing unnecessary pain or damage to you.

Acupuncture, Bowen therapy, manual therapy and our SWITCH method make a powerful combination to successfully treat all types of back, spine, disc and joint injuries.
Manual techniques are used in combination with Acupuncture, Bowen therapy and our SWITCH method for any type of problem.


The SWITCH Method stimulates the regulation of the nerve system by activating ‘distal neuro reflex areas’. Stimulating these areas initiates a powerful central control over localized disturbed areas. We discovered that there are several special areas on the body that we call the ‘main switches’ that can stimulate the brain-nerve connection to the problem area to re-set or correct the ‘glitches’ in the nerve pathways leading to the particular problem area. The SWITCH method is a gentle manual technique which can be described as a combination of movements similar to bowen therapy and principles based on acupuncture.


"I have a special love for the treatment of the chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, all spine problems, headaches and internal problems and have been studying the problems of the spine for 33 years, researching many different therapies and their results. We learn allot from our decades in clinical research within pain,chronic pain and disturbances in the physiology causing problems, where we discover a formula therapy that gives high level results in a short time.


After many years of trial and error I came across some principles coming from the East and West concerning the way the spine functions and the associated problems.We treat the total environment of the spine, joints, encoding the muscles, nerves, fascia, ligaments, tendons, disc and the vertebra itself. In my search I found out that many professions that work with the spine have long protocols that take months to a year, to get results and they usually just target one or two elements within the spine or joint. We treat the body as a Whole not missing one part in the elements composing these structures. We use a combination of therapies ranging from Acupuncture, Manual therapy,Bowen Therapy,Naturopathy, 


I discovered a combination of techniques between Acupuncture,Bowen, Naturopathy, Manual Therapy, that achieve 90 to 100% results for all types of problems of the spine, joints, headaches,neuropathy,chronic pain etc. I have seen thousands of difficult cases with amazing results in a very short time frame by discovering a way to get a very fast response in the problem areas with minimal treatments." Romel