Bowen Therapy (treatment time varies) $85


Acupuncture (treatment time varies) $85 


Remedial Massage 1 hour $85


Specialized Back or Joint therapy,neuropathy - $85 

(combination of bodywork & acupuncture, treatment time varies)


Switch Method (treatment time varies)- $85


1 hour Super Stress Buster $85

Special formula of Massage or Bowen & Acupuncture to relax the nervous system. 

Very relaxing!


Children's treatment-

15 minutes- $30

30 minutes- $50


Naturopath Fees-

Initial consultation- $95 (1 hour)

Follow-up consultation $50- (1/2 hour)

Follow-up consultation $95- (1 hour)

Acute problems- remedy fee only


We are registered with most health funds. Rebates will vary depending on your health fund.


Accredited members of ATMS-

(Romel- 19321; Vanessa 25676)

Romel is registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.